Why WordPress is better for simple sites?

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How is the process of choosing an apartment or a house for you? Does the neighborhood matter? The presence of large shops nearby, amenities such as daycares, schools, and playgrounds. Or perhaps you want to live far from the noisy city. I think it may be enough for the first point, but not enough for the final choice of this point. How to make an informed choice? Perhaps it is better to involve professionals from real estate agencies, who have applied all possible criteria for the selection of housing.

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That's how, when you don't have time to search, you seek the help of knowledgeable people. This applies to any selection process. Even in a clothing or equipment store, we almost never do without consultants. And what about simple things? For example, we already know a favorite brand of sneakers, or we know that many people buy jeans from a specific company, because most of them already know their quality and simplicity.

When you start your small business, you also think about a landing page on the Internet. And the question immediately arises - which CMS to choose for your website? Here you can also immediately choose a more common choice - WordPress. This is the most convenient option for blogs, landing pages, and small sites with rare news.

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Having started its journey in 2003, WordPress is the most popular CMS system, which has been the leader among CMS for several years in a row and is the most common platform on the entire Internet, on which more than 41% of sites work.

The main advantages of WordPress:

  • Convenient, simple, and functional admin panel
  • Quickly installed
  • Plenty of free templates
  • A large and developed community of users
  • Constant updates
  • Ability to download additional extensions
  • It has a clear and simple administrative panel

WordPress is absolutely free in its basic version, which is why its use has become so popular in the world. You can figure everything out with the admin panel if you have worked in Word. Simply adding content, and adjusting the code in the template files makes it possible to change the style, structure, and format of the site. It is also important that even the cheapest hosting is suitable for a WordPress site.

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If you are satisfied with the existing functionality of this engine and for a simple landing page this should be enough, then this is exactly what you need. There are also paid themes and plugins in WordPress written by professionals. If desired, in the future, with the appearance of certain skills and new goals for the created site, it will be possible to transfer it to another engine with wider capabilities.

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So the choice is always a difficult thing, but sometimes it is possible to simply choose a more common way. If your tasks are a bit more complicated than a landing page, then you'd better turn to professionals for help. And High Quality Web Solutions will always be glad to be useful to you.

Anton Holovin
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