Audit & Optimization

Why do you need audit and website optimization?

  • To increase the speed of the website for users and improve its performance in Google PageSpeed ​​Insights
  • To improve the usability and accessibility of the website for the comfort and retention of constant users, as well as attracting new ones
  • To improve the markup to increase the website position in search engines.
  • To correct technical errors and secure the website

When conducting an audit, we attach great importance to the security of websites and data provided by websites. Our security specialists are able to identify vulnerabilities, eliminate them and ensure protection.

hqws audit & optimization

How it is going

hqws audit & optimization how it is going
  1. Discovering project details

  2. Project audit

  3. Security review

  4. Providing report

  5. Providing possible solutions

Our faq

The audit is a complex service that includes the work of various specialists. UI / UX designers study usability, contrast, accessibility, and other parameters to evaluate the usability of a website's interface.

A front-end specialist evaluates the quality and correctness of the website's markup, checks for the presence of micro-markup, and optimizes the scripts, styles, and images used.

The backend developer analyzes the server script operations, evaluates the structure of the database, the correctness of queries, and other technical parameters.
Additionally, our security staff provides an overall security assessment and recommendations to resolve identified issues, if any.

No, we never impose services that you do not need. If you need an audit for only one or several directions, then we can perform it separately. For example, we can only conduct safety or usability research of a website and provide a report.
Based on the audit report, we can correct the identified errors, but this is not mandatory and it is performed by a separate client’s agreement.

It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally; it all depends on the website size, the code quality, and the programming language and CMS that was used to create it. 
However, in case of urgent need, it is possible to speed up this procedure by attracting additional resources.

Our specialists check parameters that affect results on Google PageSpeed Insights and perform a number of procedures to optimize it. Here there are just a few of them:

  • Checking the website markup, fixing code validation errors, correctly inserting images and other media objects
  • Separation of style files into primary and secondary ones, setting preloading of important elements
  • Compression and correction of scripts loading order, creation of a download queue
  • Progressive optimization of fonts and icons
  • Caching configuration and speed up of database queries
  • Lazy loading of metrics and other objects slowing down the site

Based on the results of the work, a detailed report is made up for you on all the actions taken within the optimization framework.

This analysis helps to identify website problems that affect its position and promotion in search engines. The main verification factors are:

  • Website usability, correctly designed content, flawless display on mobile devices
  • The presence of micro-markup, as well as the Open Graph markup, their competent filling  
  • The presence of breadcrumbs and headings, as well as competent filling of all required meta-tags
  • Checking the page markup for correct use of tags, absence of validation errors, and excessive nesting of HTML tags
  • Availability and correctness of sitemap.xml and robots.txt files.
hqws audit & optimization faq
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