Our team has professional designers and marketers who can create a recognizable and attractive brand for your business.

Brand creation is not only a visual component but also a future development strategy.

The tasks that branding solves: 

  • Creation of verbal and visual product identification
  • Emphasizing the competitive advantages and value of the goods and services provided
  • Creation of the emotional component of the brand
  • Creation of a stable connection between the company's products and consumers
  • Creation of the individual image of goods and services that distinguishes the company from others

Smart branding allows you to create a positive image of the product and emphasize its compliance with the values. Formation of brand communication with customers and clear positioning of the goods and services provided can ensure sales growth and strengthen the company's reputation among its customers.

hqws branding
hqws branding how it is going
  1. Consider your overall business strategy

  2. Identify your target clients

  3. Develop your brand positioning and messaging strategy

  4. Develop your name, logo and tagline

  5. Develop your content marketing strategy

Our faq

Each task of creating and promoting a brand is interesting and individual for us. Therefore, the stages of implementation are made up separately after the client contacts us. In general terms, the plan looks like this:

  • Analysis of the market, existing competitors, definition, and study of the target audience
  • Audit of the company and availability of its own brands, history
  • Development of a name that will correspond to the new brand positioning
  • Creation of a logo and an integrated corporate identity
  • Development of product packaging design, related attributes
  • Creation of a verbal component: brand legend, infographics, texts, and slogans
  • Guideline development for typography and web, creation of a brand book with the embodiment of the values ​​and mission of the company
  • Building a promotion strategy for the developed brand.
  • Constant monitoring of the brand and the effectiveness of its promotion measures.

We are approached with a variety of tasks and it is impossible to unequivocally answer the question about the branding cost. Studying each task individually, we work out a plan for its implementation. After this, we are ready to say the estimated cost.

No, in this area we cover absolutely all areas of business and create brands not only for presentation on the network, but also graphics for printing, develop promotion scenarios, and provide other related services.

Yes, we can help advertising agencies and other companies implement projects for their customers. However, it should be taken into consideration that information about participation in certain project creations is already considered as an advertisement for the company and we have to compensate for advertising losses by increasing the cost of our services.

hqws branding faq
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