Software deployment service that will be a reliable link between product development and operation.

DevOps is a set of practices and approaches to deliver products to market as quickly and efficiently as possible. Due to this approach, new projects can be created, tested, and deployed for production much faster compared to traditional SDLC development.

By combining continuous integration and delivery (CI / CD), DevOps enables a project to be fully operational, tracking and accumulating updates without any delays. Due to this approach, you can improve communication and collaboration between multiple disparate teams, making them more efficient when working together.

Our Ops engineers can detect and fix errors before pushing the code to the project or returning it to development if there are too many problems or they cause complex conflicts with the production version. This approach allows you to keep track of all project code and existing dependencies, helping to create a smarter and more reliable project architecture.

hqws devops

How it is going

hqws devops how it is going
  1. Project setup analysis

  2. Preparing solutions and improvements

  3. Setting up environments

  4. Setting up CI/CD

  5. Testing

Our faq

Our experts perform many DevOps-related tasks. The main ones are:

  • Study of existing server-related problems, assessment of the effectiveness of applied and implemented methods, optimization of interaction, PMI
  • Configuration of automatic and semi-automatic server changes, implementation of Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt
  • Installation and configuration of various products for testing, building, and unloading: Jenkins, GitLab ci, GitHub actions, Bitbucket pipelines, CircleCi, Travis ci, etc.
  • 24/7 monitoring of working projects and systems and customer support
  • Provision of regular reports on the work performed, pointing out the actions performed, the reaction time to the problem, recommendations for work optimization.

The main problems that DevOps can solve are:

  • Assemblage and unload Docker containers
  • Implementation and configuration of various configuration systems: Puppet, Chef, Salt
  • Implementation of systems for automatic assembly and deployment of applications
  • Setting up server-related processes and solving emerging problems
  • Integration of various version control systems
  • Building scalable and fault-tolerant cluster systems
  • Construction of load balancing systems
  • Automation of deployment processes of testing and software development environments
  • Implementation of systems: Confluence, Jira, Service desk

There is no universal price for the majority of tasks. To begin with, we determine the optimal service that will help to complete the task. This can be a subscription to an existing cloud solution, the creation of a new solution, or the transfer of an existing project to the cloud.
Depending on the complexity of the task at hand and required number of employees and the time that needs to be spent for its solution, we form a pre-estimate.  As tasks are completed, you will receive detailed reports on the work done and the resources spent on it.

Before the start of our work, we sign an official agreement where the terms of cooperation are clearly indicated, as well as the non-disclosure of client information. 
We also always remember that the reputation in our field is the most important factor for the successful operation of the company and we take all measures to keep it at the highest level.

hqws devops faq
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