We provide professional technical support for the stable and smooth operation of your website or application. The experience of our developers and the tools they use will help to avoid a lot of violations in your service operation, thereby eliminating or minimizing possible losses.

With our technical support, you do not waste your time identifying and fixing the problem on the website. At the same time, we can provide support both on an ongoing basis and for solving one-time tasks. Troubleshooting, migration of a website, setting up redirects and security certificates, data recovery, protection against attacks, and many other problems can be solved by our employees.

We not only provide reports on all completed tasks but also draw up a work plan for the future period, which, of course, can be accepted only after approval by the customer. Our technical support is available with a wide variety of communication channels: telephone, e-mail, ticket system, online messengers, and other methods.

hqws maintenance

How it is going

hqws maintenance how it is going
  1. Project discovery and analysis

  2. Creation of tanks backlog

  3. Work on project

  4. Providing reports

  5. Providing improvements options

Our faq

Technical support is possible both one-time and on an ongoing basis.
One-time technical support is assessed depending on the complexity of the task and the resources required to solve it, the price is provided by the manager after study and consultation.
Constant technical support requires a preliminary study of the project and the tasks set. After this, our managers will prepare one or more package proposals for you.
Our approach to work is very flexible and if the client needs it, then we can include additional urgent tasks for support or change the already agreed ones.
Upon completion of the agreed tasks of one-time support or the end of the reporting period of continuous technical support, we provide a detailed report on all the actions performed and the resources involved.

Technical support includes a number of services that can be provided due to customer’s request. . There are many of them, we will list only a few ones:

  • Preliminary website audit, optimization, error correction, making recommendations for further work and promotion
  • Training in the use of certain tools, consulting on related technical issues
  • Backups, recovery after crash or hack, interaction with the provider or other value-added service providers
  • Constant complex modernization of your project, improvement of design, fixing technical problems, ensuring the security
  • Content optimization and organization, creation of new one; processing media files

We have pointed out only some of the services provided within the framework of technical support, but the capabilities of our specialists are much wider. 

We are ready to use any communication channel that is convenient for our customers. Usually, we actively use:

  • E-mail
  • Task trackers 
  • Various messengers: Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, and others
  • For constant technical support, it is possible to use telephone communication

Regardless of the planned work - one-time or permanent technical support, we sign a legal contract. However, in any case, our priority is a client who is completely satisfied with our work.

hqws maintenance faq
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