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We create mobile applications for business, e-commerce, startups, and other projects. Development is done for iOS and Android platforms as they allow to gain maximum reach. We are well aware of all the requirements of the App Store and Google Play and we are ready to assist you with the publication of your application.

  • Mobile business applications are:
  • Opportunity to stand out from competitors 
  • Effective advertising and usability
  • Opportunity to increase sales and audience
  • Automation of related business processes

Applications that we create are intuitive, simple, and pleasant to use.  Testing on each stage of app creation helps to avoid possible issues and saves time and money for our customers.  
The high-level experience and qualifications of our developers help us to create high-quality solutions for your business!

hqws mobile development

How it is going

hqws mobile development how it is going
  1. Gathering business requirements

  2. Design

  3. Development

  4. Testing

  5. Project launch

Our faq

Depending on the customer's requirements we may use different approaches for development. For iOS, it is Objective-C or Swift, for Android it is Java or Kotlin.
In certain cases, we may use frameworks for development. For example Flutter. It allows us to speed up the application development process and save time and money for our customers.

Over the years, we have learned all the requirements of App Store and Google play for successful apps publication. We register an account, create images and icons, prepare descriptions and required sets of keywords. At the verification stage, we assist by accompanying and if needed we make the rightful changes. Also, we assist in setting up the metric and further technical support.

We sign off on an official contract for our services.  Full transparency in the implementation of each stage. Report on the status of the work done. Personal project manager and online consultations. 
All our range of services will focus on your project's success.

The price of application development is based on requirements.
Usually, the price of application development approximately may be counted at the stage of the development of the technical requirements.

A mobile application is a very effective way to hold user's attention and ensure loyalty. You will be able to promote your goods and services, make purchases more comfortable for your customers.

hqws mobile development faq
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