QA engineering

Our QA engineers have vast experience and can provide testing of any software solutions at every stage of development: from collecting requirements for a project to implementing an already finished product and maintaining it.

The services we provide in this area include:

  • Use case testing
  • Functional manual testing
  • Non-functional manual testing
  • Complex and point performance testing
  • Usability testing of the product
  • Automated testing

Our QA team is able to identify problems existing in your project, document them, pointing out the sequence of actions to be reproduced. All this will be described in a detailed report that will be presented to you.
We provide services for the creation of various project documentation, perform functional testing, website, and mobile application testing, performance testing, and other related services.

hqws qa engineering

How it is going

hqws qa engineering how it is going
  1. Project discovery

  2. Black box testing

  3. Creation of test cases

  4. Result oriented testing

  5. Ongoing continues testing

Our faq

  • Planning and analysis: test cases, creating specifications and test documentation, planning and testing requirements
  • UI / UX design testing: multi-platform and cross-browser testing, prototype and usability testing, ergonomic testing
  • Development: unit, integration, functional and smoke testing, stability testing
  • Release: security, performance, and installation testing, acceptance and stress testing, compilation and execution of automated tests

For different tasks, we have different tools that can be divided into groups. Here are some of them:

  • Web technologies: Selenium, Apache JMeter, HP UFT / HP QTP / HP LoadRunner, phpUnit, behat.
  • Java: jUnit, TestNG, Cobertura, Spock, Geb
  • .NET: NUnit, VisualStudio

Testing is a multifaceted concept and it is impossible to initially determine its cost. After a task is set, our managers will perform a preliminary calculation of the cost and possible deadlines.  When testing is done - you will receive a complete list of work performed, indicating the resources spent.

Software development is a complex and multifaceted process in which it is often impossible to provide all the necessary functions or eliminate errors. Testing helps to identify missing functionality and errors at the product development stage, thus saving money and time for its development, as well as excluding time loss, financial loss, and others during operation.

hqws qa engineering faq
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