UI / UX design

While creating a web project's design we are guided by the most important principles to make them comfortable, usable, and functional. We pay extra attention to compliance with Mobile-First requirements, the usability of the content, and user conveniences. 

In the work process, we create a prototype and work out possible user scenarios, making needed adjustments on the stage of planning. That helps to avoid most mistakes when the project is implemented.
Our designers focus their attention on the smallest details such as positioning of elements, combination and color saturation typography, thematic icons, animations, and many other points likewise. This allows us to implement modern projects that highly distinguish you from competitors.

hqws ui/ux design

How it is going

hqws ui/ux design how it is going
  1. Gathering business requirements

  2. Planning

  3. Prototyping

  4. A/B testing

  5. Creating mockups

Our faq

The main tools that we use for creating a Web application design are Sketch and Figma. 
For the Graphic Elements, the main tools that we use are Adobe Illustrator and Pixel Procreate, depending on the requirements. 
To process media content, we use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.
We use the best tools available to ensure outstanding results.

Yes, we can use the design provided by the customer if it allows us to solve the requirements. In case of possible complications, we would definitely inform our customer in advance about the issues and if it is needed, we would suggest solutions that would help to avoid problems. 

Yes, our designers can create animations for web projects in Sketch, Figma, or Invision Studio and implement them into the project.

The main rules  that we are following when creating any web design:

  • The minimum screen resolution supported is 320px (even less if it is needed)
  • Using only min-width parameters in CSS files
  • Separation of CSS files to basic and additional
  • Optimizing and graphical changes depending on the resolution 
  • Reducing the load when rendering complex animations and other projects on mobile devices
  • List of other optimizations, which we can use for the project after discussing it separately. 
hqws ui/ux design faq
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