Website Development

We provide a full range of web development services at any complexity level. From business research and putting together requirements to the production launch of your project. It may include research, design, development, quality assurance, production launch, and further support.  
Using the most modern technologies, we create:

  • Online shops
  • Business sites
  • Corporate sites and CRM
  • Business card sites
  • Landing page

We also provide technical support and ensure the safety of completed projects for maximum efficiency and reliability. 

hqws web development

How it is going

hqws web development how it is going
  1. Gathering business requirements

  2. Design

  3. Development

  4. Testing

  5. Project launch

Our faq

Each project is individual and for its implementation, we are choosing the most optimal solution. Depending on the complexity level of the required task we can use ready-made control systems or create our own based on modern  solutions such as: 

  • PHP & frameworks: Laravel, Symphony, and other
  • JavaScript & frameworks: React, Vue, Angular, Node.js
  • CMS: Drupal, WordPress, Opencart, MODX Evolution, and more
  • Pug, Sass, Gulp, Webpack, and more fronted utilities.

If it is necessary, we can present several options for the implementation of your project, indicating the pros and cons of choosing each of the options.

Each site is individual in its design requirements and technical implementation, that’s why we cannot say assuredly the price of development without initial research of the project. 

We are transparent in our pricing. You will receive a complete report that shows which specialists were involved and how much time was taken by each one of them.

For development, we can use customer's hosting as well as our hosting. In any of the mentioned cases, we make complete settings of the project and completely passing it under your control.

In our team, there are experienced developers that are specialized in web project protection. They are making a safety audit of your website and are providing help with the elimination of identified problems; also they can assist your project in the future to react fast to possible problems.

Yes, we are providing web development services based on one-time or permanent contracts, because there is a big shortage of experienced specialists at the market and it is not always possible to complete a complex and long-term order on time without engaging additional resources.  

We provide full confidentiality.
which can be confirmed documentary by signing off a non-disclosure agreement. Your reputation is valuable for us, the same as ours.

hqws web development faq
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