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More than 55% of new business projects on the Internet are closed within the first year of operation, and almost none of them have completed preliminary research of their idea. You should not save on quality marketing, because the money spent on it always pays off.

As shown by best practices, it is better to conduct market research before launching a project. Our experts will study the industry and forecasts for its development, highlight key competitors, and conduct research to highlight their advantages and disadvantages. You will receive a complete guideline describing the situation in the selected industry, as well as a description of possible ways to adapt your business processes to market requirements.

We also conduct research on an existing project, helping to identify and eliminate factors slowing down your business, as well as find new ways for its development. This approach can save you from unnecessary expenses and will not give you disappointment in expectations.

hqws web research

How it is going

hqws web research how it is going
  1. Identify the Problem

  2. Clearly Define Terms and Concepts

  3. Clearly Define Terms and Concepts

  4. Collect Data

  5. Analyze the Data

Our faq

Marketing research is a whole complex of measures, consisting of the following steps:

  • Determination of the goals and tasks requiring a solution
  • Full analysis of your business industry, advertising campaigns, customer reviews, and wishes
  • Analysis of existing competitors, their effectiveness, and development strategy.
  • Research of your target audience, ideas testing 
  • Analytics of your existing business processes, determination of compliance with trends, seasonality, etc.
  • Drawing up a report with conclusions and recommendations

The cost of each research is individual and depends on the project. After your request, our managers will make a preliminary calculation of the service. As tasks are completed, you will receive detailed reports on the work done and the resources spent on it.

Yes, we have competent and creative specialists who are able to offer a number of ideas for the development and complex promotion of your project, but in any case, they start the task only after marketing research.

We carry out research in any area of ​​business. For this, we involve both specialists from our company and third-party professionals with whom we have been cooperating for many years. All data is strictly confidential, as evidenced by the relevant legal contracts and our reputation.

hqws web research faq
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